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Bird Watching Tours

Panama is the location of one-tenth of all the world's species of birds and El Valle de Anton is the home of over 300 species.  Here at Cabanas Potosi, we have an international birding guide who works with us doing birding tours for $50 per person from 6:30 AM until 1:00 PM.  His name is Mario Bernal who also speaks English.  He studied Animal Science in the United States, worked for the Smithsonian here in Panama for 14 years, then Ancon Expeditions for 22 years before starting his own private birding tours.  He takes groups from Costa Rica to the Darien jungles of Panama and is now considered one of the top birding guides in Panama. He is known throughout Europe and North America.  You can reach him at  The G after his name stands for Greco since his grandfather is from Italy via Greece.

Please contact us if interested in our amazing bird watching tours. 

You can also check out the wide selection of bird sightings here.

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