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Rooms & Rates


Come visit us at Cabana Potosi and check out our lovely gardens and private simple rooms. All four cabin rooms have the same design and private entrance, refrigerator, hot water showers, wall fan, two beds (Double & Single) and your own hammock and chairs to relax in on the front porch. 

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Cabanas Potosi is located on the west side of El Valle on the way to the cross lookout on top of the mountain.  Once you pass St. Jose's Catholic Church look for our direction signs having you guide to right, crossing a small bridge and then guiding left.  Straight ahead on the right after a small curve you will find Cabanas Potosi.

Our Property


Cabanas Potosi cabins are in the middle of a beautiful garden surrounded by many flowers, plants and trees on 1.7 hectars (3.7 acres). The property is totally secured with free private parking.  Fifty-five different species of birds have been documented at this location.  We also have a barbecue area and attached kitchens for private cooking for $10 extra per night. But El Valle has over 30 restaurants. 

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